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Skyscraper Design- The World Trade Center Skyscraper

Skyscrapers are known as the world’s most wasteful building type. The environmental cost of these buildings is too high. The skyscraper’s structure demands more material and as a result, the carbon footprint is doubled. Moreover, the required “embodied energy” for tall buildings is very phenomenal. You can learn more about “embodied energy” at this link.

However, there are specific benefits to gain from skyscrapers. Such as providing a great amount of density (a lot of homes and workplaces in the same spot). Besides, The price of the units in high-rise buildings increases with the height of the skyscraper. The upper you are the more price you must pay. This benefits the owner of the building.

This calls for a sustainable approach to be applied! In short, sustainability is “meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their needs”. If you want to know more about “sustainability”, check this link. Sustainability analysis provides us with 3 different types of information:

  • Environmental Effects
  • Externalities
  • Economics and financing

while designing, In other to perform these analyses, different software and tools can be used. The ones that we chose for our design process of the word trade center skyscraper are as follows:

The Design Process of the World Trade Center skyscraper

A world trade center is usually an iconic building that tends to show the power and technological development of a country. likewise, It is the symbol of advancement.

Our design process started with site analysis, some ideas, and sketches. Moreover, we took the liberty of using Grasshopper 3D for form-finding and executing sustainable analysis. Thus, We defined some major factors and a complex fitness function, consists of both light and wind analysis, that affected our skyscraper design. Above all, to improve the speed of the design process we created an artificial intelligence (AI) model using TensorFlow. If you want to know more about the process of implementing AI in our design, read more at this link. the two most important factors in environmental analysis for tall buildings are “light” and “wind”

We found the solution by using AI in conjunction with architectural aesthetics. The next step was to implement the usual routine of every architectural design process. Creating different documents and developing the design. The result was our stunning and beautiful tower. Check the gallery for more.

The world Trade Center - Sky View
The world Trade Center – Sky View

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