Parametric Facade – “The Standing Beauty”

Parametric facade design of the Standing Beauty

In this project, we decided to use a “parametric facade” as the main theme. The Project was to design a tower on 64th St. of Yusefabad. However, there were many challenges like the site’s outline, access routes, structure, etc. That is to say, we used different software, such as Revit for creating architectural documents, Rhino […]

Skyscraper Design- The World Trade Center Skyscraper

The world trade center

Skyscrapers are known as the world’s most wasteful building type. The environmental cost of these buildings is too high. The skyscraper’s structure demands more material and as a result, the carbon footprint is doubled. Moreover, the required “embodied energy” for tall buildings is very phenomenal. You can learn more about “embodied energy” at this link. […]